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Why Is There a Need for WordPress SEO services?

As we know WordPress dominates 41% of the Web and 68% of marketers claim that Search Engines generates their sales(Organic40% + Paid 28%). It’s a very important factor for you to choose the best WordPress Seo expert or consultant in your decision-making process. We have a niche with specialization just in the two fields. WordPress and Digital Consulting.

WordPress SEO Consultant Services:

We have a decade of experience working as a WordPress SEO consulting. At Flint, we have a niche of managing your WordPress website completely. Our experience is in taking care of the complete in and out of your WordPress website to enhance your SEO rankings. Please note, we develop and design a tailored strategy for your specific requirements. Flint has a detailed process to take care of the desired results and goals. We help you with realistic goals and value for our services. 

Our proven numbers will give you immense confidence to pass on the responsibility to us to take care of your WordPress SEO services.

Organic Traffic 210%

Organic Keyword 250%

Overall Growth 275%

Team 3X.

Here is our approach to your WordPress SEO Consultant requirements.

Understanding the Client’s Goals:

We get into a first-hand consultation meeting to understand the client’s requirements. We have a set of questions to understand the details in a better way. Our experts discuss the basic strategy keeping in mind the goals we can achieve. Further discuss the numbers, competitors and above all other information, the client want’s to share.

SEO Audit and Website Analysis:

If you already have a WordPress website we do a complete detailed analysis of the current set up. We will look into the different factors for your current website. We check the SEO plugins, Site Speeds, Theme structures, Scripting, and other factors which affect the SEO. Thereafter, determined the changes which would be needed to up the rankings. We study your competitors, understand your domain. And then decide on an SEO Strategy.

Plan and Design SEO strategy:

We recommend the best in class Themes, Plugins, modifications, strategies to up your current Website setup. We decide on different methods to achieve overall ranking improvements to reap long term benefits. The strategy is designed based on your current positions, your industry and competitors. We offer custom quotes depending on the services we take care off.

Monthly Update and Ongoing Optimisation:

As we are aware SEO is an ongoing process to achieve your long term goals. Importantly we completely take care of the whole process to give you an edge with the latest trends, technical updates and your competitors. Above all, we continually use A/B techniques to test your variations and results. We continually update your Onpage and Offpage techniques to enhance your results. We make sure your Impressions and conversions are continually improved.

Content Creation:

As we all are now aware of the phrase “Content is the King”. We help you with continued content creation. Our in-house content creators emphasize and direct you with all your Graphic, Video, and Text-based needs. In addition, we also have the expertise to handle your content which makes it completely and quickly readable by search engines. We also help you with just consulting for your content creation if you have your in-house content creators. We would be more than happy to share the process, standards, tips, and tricks to guide your content creation team. 


We claim to be the best in WordPress SEO services. Our team expert is one of the best WordPress Seo Experts in the industry. Having experience with various industries. Our expertise lies in using the best in class tools and techniques. Here are some of the details we follow in our detailed, process-oriented approach.

WordPress Speed Optimisation:

Speed of a website plays a very important role in your rankings. We follow all the different methods to enhance your speeds and get it optimised to suitable Search Engine standards. An important factor is also speed enhances your Users experience. You personally are aware of how you would react to a website or app which loads slowly.

Plugin Installations and Optimisation:

With innumerable options available, you will always be in a dilemma to choose the right plugins for your website. After all, why would you like to have a second option when you can choose the best. Our vast experience in the WordPress SEO services company domain will help you with the best result oriented choices.

Content Development Plan:

As mentioned previously as well. Content is a very important part for your SEO rankings. Using the best ways to use your focus keywords is a very important factor while designing your content. Our experience will help you with the best directions while making sure the optimization is taken care of.

Linking Plan:

Though today’s updates Google emphasises on Content more than linking. Linking does play an important role to manage your Search Engine rankings. We plan, decide and execute white hat fruitful linking techniques to manage your link profile. Certainly focusing more on quality than quantity to achieve your desired goals.

Technical Factors:

There are a number of other factors which affect your SEO. Using the correct Permalink’s, having the submissions to the search engines, using Optimization techniques to track user experiences, A/B techniques to play with various factors to enhance your numbers. We have a detailed guide to plan your strategy. We understand the importance of your presence and user experiences to manage the best in class methods.

Analytics and Reports:

Having the best in class ways to measure your efforts is a very important factor. We monitor your Analytics, Consoles, Speeds, and other factors affecting your WordPress SEO rankings. We use the best tools to send you regular updates with your custom reports and numbers.

Flexible Adjustments:

Sometimes in the process, there are needs to update certain processes to get updated with the latest trends and practice. We are always looking to be the best to achieve our results so we keep a track of everything. So we are ready to adapt to the upcoming changes for any factors, let it be Content, Technical, Tools or any needful adjustments.

Services Scope:

Whether you have a large Authoritative website or a Niche Target oriented one, we can help you with fulfilling your needs. We have worked with varied apps to custom design and achieve the goals for our customers. Importantly growth is very important for us and we cherish our partnership together. We can custom enhance your SEO and SEM strategy to achieve your best-in-class Search Engine Digital marketing goals.

Some of our Best WordPress SEO Services Sample results:

These are some of our Best WordPress SEO services results. These are just graphics we are much more detailed and process-oriented than just these results.

SEO For WordPress:

In conclusion, here are a couple of samples of the websites we have been working on. We have shared a screenshot of a Quarterly and an annual number. The work and results are clearly visible with the growth in traffic. Please also note these are purely SEO organic results only. We would be even happy to share the Acquisition channels as well to show that they are purely Organic results. Are you looking to take advantage of your Organic traffic or looking to improve it further? To sum up, please do get in touch with us to discuss the details further.

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