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We have a decade of proven expertise in SEO, Analytics, Digital and WordPress Consulting. These are the main domains we have dominated in the last few years. Our numbers speak best. We boast ourselves with providing good design guidelines, assuring optimisation and enabling the best Digital Marketing strategy for you. 

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to be your SEO, Analytics and Digital partner and help you reach your goals. We are a process-oriented organisation with innovation and creation. We are always eager to find the most optimal methods for developing business systems for your needs in a dynamic, evolving and interactive environment.

What is Flint Consulting All About?

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How we work

  • Do you want to design a SEO strategy for your Business?
  • Do you want to improve your Digital Marketing campaign using process, automation and technology?
  • Do you want to improve rankings on your web traffic?
  • Do you have a WordPress Website and want to increase your traffic, looking for a WordPress Seo Expert or a WordPress Seo Consultant ?
  • Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your Digital Campaign?
  • Are you an SAAS, Ecommerce, High Tech, or a Content organisation, looking for a Digital strategies or Consulting? 
  • Do you want to increase the performance and efficiency of your Growth campaigns?
  • Do you want to improve your ROI on your Digital marketing spends?
  • We take Data Driven, Innovative, calculative methods to plan your Digital strategy. 
  • We only take up a handful of projects we can cater and commit to completely.
  • We give you actionable advice keeping after understanding your requirements completely. 
  • We take a complete Customers centric approach. 
  • We will transparently inform you what we can do for you within our capabilities.
  •  We help you with starting, improving, optimising and analysing your Digital marketing efforts.
  • We recommend you the best resources and tools available to improve your efficiency and effectiveness of your Digital Marketing campaign. 
  • We can work with you or your in-house team or even manage your external digital marketing resources. 
  • We have experience of serving Content based, Ecommerce, SAAS, High Tech organisations specially.

About Pavan Raheja

Pavan Raheja
Head: Pavan Raheja

Flint is headed by Pavan. In his initial years, he managed and delivered plenty of Web Applications. He then tried a web project as a side hustle which gained traction with traffic which got him excited about Digital Marketing. He failed and learnt the hard ways of gaining Organic traffic using SEO. There was no looking back thereafter. His interest in Digital marketing grew exponentially. His approach is Data-Driven along with Innovation. He developed, used and implemented his Digital marketing skills on multi-channel marketing platforms.  Evaluating digital marketing strategies is his core strength. He loves using analytics before taking any action. Deep research and detailed planning qualities give him a clear edge to perform better in any scenarios.


Digital Marketing
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Advanced SEO Strategies

Our Delighted Partners

Pavan works with us on various digital marketing aspects and primarily focusses on SEO improvement. He has been very helpful over the last couple of months in coming up with data-backed ideas for improvement, owning the execution, and measuring results. A lot of marketers I have worked with missout on one or the other but Pavan's shown the ability to work from ideas to execution, independently. 
Pavan is a great partner to work with, he stays on top of projects and meets deadlines. Pavan possesses great technical knowledge as well as business oriented thinking. He is a true team player who is always willing to help to achieve business goals.
Pavan demonstrated immense Digital Strategy skills while re hauling our website through all the phases. Appreciate his patience in listening to our varied requirements and coming up with multiple working solutions. He works in a professional and transparent manner and has the hunger and passion to get better and efficient continuously

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