We have a decade of proven expertise in WordPress and Digital Marketing. These are the two main domains we have dominated in the last few years. Our numbers speak best. We boast ourselves with providing good design guidelines, assuring optimization and enabling the best Digital Marketing strategy for you. 
Our vision is to be your technology solution and digital marketing partner. We are a process-oriented organization with innovation. We are always eager to find the most optimal methods for developing business systems for your needs in a dynamic, evolving and interactive environment.

At Flint, we implement the best selection of digital marketing strategy catered to your custom needs. Our strategy is designed after understanding your goals. We have expertise in SEO, PPC, SMM and the services to cater around. We also help you with the Content creation for implementing the strategies. We have all the technical expertise to optimise your Conversion ratios. We understand the importance of high ROI’s. 

WordPress powers more than 30% of the web. We have an obsession with WordPress. Delivering you the best in class service is our only goal. We deliver timely, high converting, seamless UI, responsive and highly scalable design to help our customers to be ahead in all ways. Our development approach is based on our bottom-up strategy. We assure you with certain criteria. 

Most of the clients struggle with achieving results in SEO. Organic marketing cannot be achieved overnights, unlike PPC marketing. You have to apply the fundamentals to achieve the numbers. They pay off in the long term. Usually a blend of PPC and Organic marketing usually works very well for most of the businesses trying to gain traction for their web apps. 

We design your campaigns and track it carefully to assure you with your goals. Our research makes sure we have our target audience set perfectly well for our products/services. We closely monitor our results and keep iterating to get our ROI’s to peak levels. We dedicate resources to custom tweak the changes we need to work on. 

We specialize in developing creative content for your Social media needs. We work across all platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and other Social platforms too. We have expertise in strategising the most useful platform based on your business needs. We help you designing, developing and promoting your content across social platforms. 

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